Welcome to Vermont's No Bull Ski Report for the 2020 Season.
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Updated Monday, March 16th, 2020

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About No Bull Ski Vermont

Do you completely trust advertising, or do you need a more independent view compiled by an independent organization and especially now that a ski ticket is almost $100 per day at some resorts!

Here at the No Bull we try not to use weasel words to describe conditions. No Bull Ski Vermont provides daily ski reports on the major ski areas in a forthright manner. We use and sometimes "translate" information provided by the ski resorts themselves together with other independent sources.

We attempt to provide accurate reporting on rain, wind, base depths, grooming, and snow fall amounts. In short ,we provide a contrarian view which appeals to some people just as it does in the stock market!


Aerial photos and videography by DroneFlyNewengland.com (FAA Licensed drone pilot)